Don’t Let Your Business Be Held Hostage!

HostageThis happens every day to businesses across the world. Most of the time it’s an unknowing employee clicking on a malicious link, but there’s lots of other ways. Then your businesses data becomes encrypted, and you don’t have a backup. Now all of a sudden your business is at the mercy of a hidden entity in whatever remote place of the world. They insist you pay them a ransom in bit coins, which finding a reputable vendor is also a concern, and then you receive a decryption key that may allow you to recover your data. I say may because sometimes it doesn’t work.

Does this sound familiar? I know lots of businesses that this or a similar ransomware story has happened to. Some small, some not so small. The University of Calgary very publicly went through a similar situation as covered by the CBC here:

As most attacks occur through e-mail, consider having your staff review this “Safety Checklist”.

  • I know the sender of this email.
  • It makes sense that this was sent to me.
  • The attached link or PDF is something I can verify is safe.
  • The email doesn’t threaten to close my accounts or cancel my cards if I don’t provide information.
  • This email is from someone I trust, it doesn’t just look like someone I trust!
  • Nothing seems “off” about this email, its contents or sender.

Want to do more? Talk to your IT Consultant/Department to find out if you have these technologies in place.

  1. Disaster Recovery Solution
  2. Spam Filter Solution
  3. Secure DNS Solution