about our company

It was a crisp fall day in 1994.  I was a bean counter with a regular job and a regular family and regular problems faced by regular people in regular offices every morning.  But that morning there was a spark of something different.

Just like you.

I had inherited very old technology when I took my job and I needed to dump the old and bring in the new. I wasn’t a technical person. I needed someone to lead the way and yet bring me along for the ride.

Earlier I had engaged a company that dropped the ball. They told me what hardware I needed. I bought it all. But when it arrived they weren’t up to installing the equipment they had recommended. I had a pile of stuff, nobody to install it, and I couldn’t even be sure it was the RIGHT stuff. I was caught holding the bag and that didn’t make me feel good at all.

Unknown to me at the time, the next company I called was in the midst of filing for bankruptcy. I couldn’t get them to return my calls.

The third company certainly had things to say, but they couldn’t follow up in a timely manner if their lives depended on it. Service or simple answers were always slow or slower. Even worse, when they did phone, everything sounded more complicated than it had the day before. I was frustrated by the doublespeak.

asking too much?

I needed someone who could deliver the right technology in a competent and timely manner (a basic expectation of any computer company), but most of all I wanted them to be able to explain it in terms that made sense to me so that I could explain it to somebody else – my boss, the guy who was paying for all this.

And that’s when I met a fellow—one guy in a sea of thousands—who did just that for me on that crisp fall day in 1994.

He finished the job. He explained what he had done in plain English and I actually understood it. I was happy. My boss was happy.

The episode may have been over, but not the impact of the experience. That fellow had raised the bar and shown me a level of service to which I would compare all others.

my dream

I saw that the world needed a technology consultancy that could both deliver competent service in a timely manner and communicate what was happening in terms that made sense to non-technical people. 

I began to think about what I could do to fill that gap—to provide that higher bar for a whole group of people who thought they couldn’t get it all.

By the summer of 1996 I had made a decision and the fellow who had helped me at my old job was among my first employees. We’ve added additional technology translators ever since.

my life's work

I am still a regular guy with a regular family. I still face regular problems. But I haven’t had a regular job in a long time because since the day we opened our doors, our team has been dedicated to giving our customers the same kind of morning I had in 1994, providing explanations as clear as crystal.

We believe people who can explain technology in terms you can understand are just as important as the technology solutions they are offering. We want you to discover that the bar can be set higher.

Udo E. Schafer
President , Plexis Ltd.

Niagara’s Premier Managed IT Solutions Provider Since 1996