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Our Ideal Client.

If this describes your office, it's very likely that Plexis can provide great value by designing, maintaining, and supporting your network.

A Service Organization in the niagara region

Located in West St. Catharines, Plexis supports clients from Grimsby to Niagara Falls and Wainfleet to Fort Erie.


You're too big to run on string and duct tape, and too small to hire an IT department internally.  You're better off hiring Plexis!

Client-server environment

With modern technologies, your office has servers that centralize digital workflow.  Plexis can protect your assets properly.

no technician on staff

You may have wished you could have in-house tech support but haven't taken that step or don't want to.   Consider hiring Plexis instead!

Your Ideal Service Provider

Explore what differentiates Plexis from other IT service providers.

Technology without the mystery

You're looking for a service provider that wants to demystify technology
rather than keep you in the dark.  Our technicians take the time to
inform and explain our process to you.

Proactive Management for Minimal Downtime

You need a service provider that is interested in moving your
organization forward, not just applying band-aids and reacting to

A Plexis Service Advantage contract does just that.  With
regular on-site support, ongoing server and network maintenance, and
24/7 system monitoring in place, you'll experience the peace of mind and
increased productivity that comes from managed systems that perform
Do what You Do Best

Are you frustrated with IT interruptions while you try to run your business?  Do what you do best, and leave the IT to us.

Mutual Respect

There is more to finding good service than calling a number in the phone book.

We hold the conviction that the best service comes when we work
toward knowing, liking, and trusting each other.  That may take time,
but building a relationship is what we intend to do every time we show

The Plexis Advantage

At Plexis, we're betting the bank on the idea that clients truly want to benefit from being informed and proactive in managing their information systems.


Plexis technicians assume that clients don't want to be left in the dark.  We work to help you make informed decisions.


We understand that our clients don't speak Geek.  We spend the time and energy it takes to help our clients understand what is happening on their networks.


Plexis takes seriously the responsibility to pro-actively maintain networks and manage risks, because we know that doing so can protect businesses and other organizations from avoidable disasters.

Computer Equipment, Project Management
Computer Equipment, File Sharing, Network Backups
Computer Equipment, File Sharing, Network Backups, Wireless Networking

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