Do You Like To Get A Return On Your Investments?


Of course you do, why would I even ask that? If you think about the largest investment your business will ever make, what’s it in? I’ll wager most of you answered your staff!

Consider this. A study conducted with 117 employees across 76 different US companies alongside 28 interviews with IT Administrators found that the average employee received 13.3 spam messages per day. Time spent to manage these spam messages ranged from 1 to 90 minutes, averaging out at 6.5 minutes per day.

  • The average lost productivity per employee per year: 1.4%
  • Calculation: 6.5 minutes/day divided by 480 total minutes/day

The study also found:

  • An average spam filter solution reduces the productivity loss from spam by 26%

This means the spam filter will save you a little over $227 per employee per year in lost productivity. With the cost of modern day spam filters being very competitively priced, you will earn your investment back very quickly and begin turning a profit not long after. As an added bonus, a spam filter is one of the best preventative measures a business can take against ransomware infections.

Investing in a spam filter solution is an investment in your employees. Help them perform at their peak by removing their obstacles and you will get the best return on investment an owner could ever get.