Plexis restores a company’s ability to do business by fixing their point-of-sale solution.

Plexis restores a company’s ability to do business by fixing their point-of-sale solution.

The Situation:

A service organization had engaged a software programming company to implement a point of sale solution. Unfortunately, the software programming company ceased operations after implementing the software but before working out all the mistakes in the programs. This left our potential client in a situation where processing daily sales transactions was a hit and miss affair.

The Challenge:

Imagine a multimillion dollar retail and service organization with no point of sale terminals up and running! At times customers would queue in long lines as staff processed transactions manually. Revenue was being lost as customers decided not to wait. It was easier for them to leave and spend their money somewhere else.

The Solution:

Business analysts from Plexis met with leaders from the organization in a series of exploratory meetings. Identifying over thirty opportunities to improve their technology on a modest budget, Plexis explained each step in straightforward language. Once the plan was accepted, Plexis staff then went about implementing the proposed improvement program.

The Result:

Plexis allowed the client to process their sales transactions in an efficient manner. Revenue loss was stopped as customers began returning to the retail operations.

Plexis added reporting tools like daily sales reports, cash discrepancy reports, and others that allow management to have more control over their business.

Yes, the lines have returned. But now they represent business success.

  • Categories: Business, Computer Equipment, Retail
  • Client: Point-of-Sale
  • Server Operating System: Windows Server
  • Desktop Operating System: Windows
  • Business Software: Business Vision

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