Plexis improves efficiency in a local medical practice

The Situation:

A medical practice with five doctors realized that they were spending too much time and effort using old fashioned paper medical files for record-keeping.

The Challenge:

To implement a more efficient way for doctors to have quick, easy, and secure access to a patient’s history, allowing medical practitioners more time to care for patient health issues rather than paperwork.

The Solution:

A software solution was purchased and Plexis was engaged to manage the project, working with the software company and the medical office staff to make sure all areas of the implementation were completed and clearly explained to the client in non-technical terms.

Plexis identified four particular areas needing attention:

  • The office needed a secure central server
  • Doctors needed the ability to travel from examining room to examining room
  • Patient records needed to be updated in an instant; and
  • To expedite appointments, hand recording of patient notes needed to be replaced with a more efficient way of inputting information.

The Result:

Plexis installed one main computer to hold all the patient information. A secured wireless network allowed doctors to travel freely from room to room with their laptops, securely updating patients’ files on the spot.

A special device can help the medical staff work with other organizations that have not yet converted to digital information. It can capture images of paper documents and include the picture in the computerized record, never to be lost again.

The result? Patient records and information are more accurate and up-to-date than ever before!

  • Categories: Computer Equipment, File Sharing, Network Backups, Wireless Networking
  • Client: A Local Medical Practice
  • Server Operating System: Windows Server
  • Desktop Operating System: Windows
Plexis improves efficiency in a local medical practice

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