Plexis allows local company to focus on business instead of technology.

Plexis allows local company to focus on business instead of technology.

The Situation:

A local manufacturer was spending too much time and energy worrying about losing data, dealing with poor computer performance, and not being able to share information with one another.

The Challenge:

Plexis was charged with the task of finding a cost-effective way to allow users to share files and not be vulnerable to losing data. Time is money and too much time was spent on inadequate technology rather than on growing the business.

The Solution:

Plexis identified that one computer acting as a single point of storage for all users coupled with a newer back-up system would improve productivity and control the risk of losing data. Using the advanced, but lower cost, Linux operating system would allow Plexis to control costs, transparently integrate with the client’s existing Windows equipment, and provide a very stable solution that would not require a lot of maintenance in the future.

Along with the upgrade to a small client-server network, thanks to the Linux platform, Plexis could also provide fully licensed, additional enhancements such as fax management and virus protection with no additional software cost and just the minimal cost associated with a bit of minor configuration.

The Result:

The client now has a secure, stable environment which allows more time to be spent on the business. The enhancements have improved efficiency and information control within the organization. The choice of a stable solution has proved to dramatically reduce the number of service calls required.

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