How Often Should I Back Up?

How often should I back up?

Backing up. Something most of us don’t think about until something terrible happens. So why not take a minute today that could save you hours or days of frustration by asking yourself a few questions.

Picture a box. Everything you put into your business goes into this box. All your time, love, sweat and tears. Your customer’s information, your inventory, your e-mail, your accounts receivables and payables, your staff’s information, your payroll. Everything about your business is in this box. What would you do to protect that box? If something happened to that box how would you recover?

If I gave you a time machine that allowed you to go back in time and have your box repaired as if it was a week ago, could you still operate your business having lost a week’s worth of work?

What about 1 day?

What about 5 minutes ago?

I think you just found your answer to the first question of “How often should I backup?”.

A proper disaster recovery plan has many components to it. Does your disaster recovery plan suit your business needs? If not, or if you’re not 100% certain, then get yourself the answers to these 3 questions:

  1. How often do I need my data backed up?
  2. Should a disaster occur, how much data can I lose before the loss is too much?
  3. How will my business operate without my data?

Review your plan with your IT provider today to ensure your business critical needs are met.